Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Doctor : Be true to your profession.

 Doctor : Be true to your profession.

Medicine was once deemed the most noble of professions. Those who entered the field of medicine became doctors because they had a true desire to help others and to cure diseases – regardless of your ability to pay. Among all professions, this was  the only profession where they were actually trying to work themselves  for others. At one time !

 Is medicine still a noble profession?

 when you look at the big business of medicine, and you see that there are few – if any – doctors who are in it for the science and the care, as opposed to the money, it’s hard to continue to think of medicine as a noble profession.

Today, when you think of medical care, you almost instantly have to think of money as well, and whether or not you can afford to pay your doctor. If you cannot afford to pay him or her, and you do not have insurance, you probably won’t get care – and why?  Even if you have the money & once it gets into Doctors pocket.You are at the mercy of God & God alone.

This is what is happening even in  the so called world class  super specialty hospitals. Often we hear of untimely deaths due to medical negligence, which is so hard to prove after the happening ?

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