Sunday, 16 August 2015

Inadequacies in Railways' health care system for the retired employees:

On 13.08.2015 Sh A.P Nagrath  Advisor IR Rly Bd.(Retd.) Patron RREWA Gurgaon(An affiliate of BPS) along with DR Y.P. Anand CRB (Retd.) & Sh M.P. Budhiraja met Hon'ble MOSR & apprised him of the factual situation in regard to the health care of retired railway.The delegation proposed to the Hon'ble MOSR as follows:            

 - On long term basis, IR may adopt ECHS scheme, which is for ex-servicemen and has proved to be a great success. ( Of course there are 45 lakh ECHS beneficiaries as against about 4 lakh RELHS       beneficiaries, so IR may need to augment their facilities only at a much smaller scale)
             -  In the meantime All hospitals and diagnostic laboratories recognised by CGHS should be accorded  recognition by IR at CGHS rates. This should be done in a time-bound manner.

             -  As an immediate measure, the instructions issued by Railway Board on 18.7.2012 in regard to       treatment in emergencies, must be implemented forthwith, holding the Zonal Railways accountable.

              -  Reimbursement claims must be settled in a time-bound manner fixing accountability.

 -  Earlier BPS sent twits on this issue to Hon'ble P.M. & The Hon'ble Minister for Railways and also discussed in detail with 7th CPC. BPS hope for positive results soon


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