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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                    PENSIONERS’ DIGEST

1     Govt’s Litigation policy must be re-addressed.
2     Karnataka Confederation of CGEUA demands higher Minimum pay.
3     Minutes of 30th SCOVA Meet.
4     Autonomous bodies’ pensioners get 7CPC benefits from 1.1.2018.
5     C G H S – Empanelment, etc.
6     ‘Swach Bharat Pakhwada’ , DoP&PW requests observance.
7     Provisional Pension  -  Sanctions needed where delay is seen.
8     Karnataka Assembly on sticky-wicket.
9     Karnataka CGPA.
10    A Quote.

The National scene

        Govt’s Litigation policy:               This Association had proposed to the Government the necessities that have emerged in the preceding years to consider actively an immediate Amendment to the archaic Pension Act 1871 – vide last PD. The proposal had also quoted Judicial observations in this behalf. Now, ‘Deccan Herald’ (Bangalore) in its Editorial (May 5, 2018) has proposed ‘Centre must finalise Litigation Policy’. It is quite meaningful. The Editorial is reproduced below :

(Quote)           The Supreme Court’s scathing criticism of the government’s litigation policy and practices is well deserved, as the conduct of governments, both at the Centre and in the States, is a major cause of obstruction of justice. The government is the country’s most profile litigant and 46% of the pending cases             in courts have been filed by the governments. The Centre is to be blamed more than the States as it is clear from the court’s observation that “the couldn’t-care-less and insouciant attitude of the Union of India has gone too far.” Cases are filed again and again even on the same issue. The court’s comments were occasioned by the third batch of appeals over a similar question of law in the same matter. The court had dismissed the first batch in December, the second batch in March this year with a fine, and the third batch was now before it. Such unnecessary litigation is common, and not an exception.   
A very large number of disputes which can be settled departmentally or even ignored are taken to courts by the government. The decisions on various dispute settlement forums are not accepted and appeals are made. The fear of being questioned later and of enquiries and actions makes officials take even silly issues to court and appeal against all unfavourable decisions, especially those relating to money. The cost of litigation may be more than the amount involved in the dispute. Sometimes cases are instituted just to harass people or other parties like the NGOs, and at other times to extract or bribes or favours. The government has an array of legal manpower and infrastructure, and so the cost is no consideration. But, as the court noted, the burden is on the ordinary citizen who has to spend a “small fortune” to get justice.
The result is that the cases clog the courts and all cases are delayed causing injustice to ordinary litigants. A National Litigation Policy was drawn up in 2010 which was intended to make the government an “efficient and responsible litigant” and to reduce the pendency of cases in courts from 15 to three years. The policy was revised in 2015 and again, as the court noted “Nothing has been finalised for the last about eight years. Delays are caused not just by the governments’ itch for litigation but by other factors like shortages of judges, cumbersome court procedures and practices, and other reasons. But they can be reduced greatly if governments restrain themselves and avoid all unnecessary, vexatious and frivolous litigation. That will promote the cause of justice which now finds undermined in many ways.                                     (Unquote)

( PS:               In the above background, please consider this case. We made out a case of waiver of excess payment to a Railway cancer-affected pensioner. The Supreme Court had allowed such waiver, by a judgement. When the pensioner’s case went to the Railway Board, the latter responds with a question as to the ‘effective date for the waiver’ in the SC judgement! Who is to answer? Please judge.)

Swach Bharat Pakhwada’ :          DoP&PW New Delhi has issued Circular d/ May 11 to all identified Pensioners Assns, requesting for observance of the programme in May 2018. The programme is to sensitize the members and the public on cleanliness in the neighbourhood. In response, the Co-ordination Committee of CGPA Karnataka has convened a Programme on June 5 in Girinagar, Bangalore. No matter it is delayed, the members all around and outstations may please observe the programme, and report to us with fotos (to be sent to Delhi). (As the PD is sent on-line to those with e-mail ID, those getting it before June 5, may call up Organiser Shri Suryaprakash, Mobile 94483 75138, inform their participation, so that proper arrangements could be made.)

Karnataka COC demands higher Minimum Pay :  With graphics and illustrations, the Karnataka unit of the Confederation of Central Govt Employees Unions, Bangalore, has come out with the following Presentation, on G-connect website. It requires the attention of the Central Govt.

Revision of Minimum Pay and Fitment formula due to increased revenue collections of the Central Government
                   Today, none of the 7th CPC related demands of Central Government Employees is settled. The assurance given by the Group of Ministers to the NJCA leaders regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is in paper even after a lapse of 20 months. Now the Finance Minister has replied in Parliament that “no change in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is at present under consideration”.
To avert the 11th July CG employees strike the Hon’ble Prime Minster had instructed the group of Hon’ble Ministers including Shri Rajnath Singhji, Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhuji , Hon’ble Railway Minister and Shri Arun Jaitelyji , Hon’ble Finance Minister to hold discussions with the Staff Side (JCM) on 30th June 2016 and the Shri Arun Jaitelyji , Hon’ble Finance Minister had published a written assurances in the Government website on 6th July 2016 leading to deferment of the strike .
Pay Commission Objective: It is the endeavour of every pay commission to ensure that the pay and allowances of employees should be ‘fair and reasonable’. The pay structure should also motivate the employees to reasonable levels of performance in the tasks assigned to them, so that the general public derive the benefit of their service as intended.
Our demand of revision of Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is quite justified.
Comparison of earlier wage hike we can observe that the fitment factor of 2.57 times is the lowest comparing to other pay commissions. If we make a study of earlier pay commission.
Pay Commission
Minimum wage ( old )
Minimum wage (revised)
2nd CPC
Rs 55/-
Rs 80/-
1.45 times
3rd CPC
Rs 80/-
Rs 196/-
2.45 times
4th CPC
Rs 196/-
Rs 750/-
3.82 times
5th CPC
Rs 750/-
Rs 2550/-
3.40 times
6th CPC*
Rs 2550/-
Rs 7000/-
2.74 times
7th CPC *
Rs 7000/-
Rs 18000/-
2.57 times
Comparative picture of pay of Central Government and State Government in regards to minimum wage as on 1.7.2017
Many of the State Governments are following the Central Government pay scales, but a few state Governments have improved upon the Central Government pay scales. The examples are as under:

Group “D” Basic
pay in Rs
Add Skill 25%
from Group “D” to Group “C”
Group “C”
Basic Pay in Rs
DA %
Add DA Amount
in  Rs
Basic Pay in
Group “C” in Rs
Govt. of India
Pradesh &  Telangana 
The financial position of the Central Government is very good. Even the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has shown increase in last few years which is around 7% , the Indian economy is fastest growing and placed 7th in the world ( which is at 2,250.987 billions of $ ), comparing to wages paid in the world our wages are at lower level. The Government fiscal budget deficit equal to 3.50 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2016. Compared to 2008 where the fiscal deficit was at 7.8 %, but today the fiscal deficit is contained at 3.5%. This is also a healthy sign of the economic status of the Central Government financial status, the budget fiscal deficit is always below 4%.
Direct tax collections in 2017-18 at Rs 9.95 lakh crore, exceeded the revised budgetary target of Rs 9.8 lakh crore. Also, 6.84 crore income tax returns filed in the year against 5.43 crore in the previous year signalling a rise of 26 % . A net of 99.5 lakh new assesses were added to the tax net.
Net collection from corporate tax went up 17.1 per cent while that from personal income tax rose 18.9 %.
The revenue collection from Goods and Services Tax (GST) exceeded Rs 1 lakh crore in April 2018, GST revenue collected in April 2018 came at Rs 1,03,458 crore.
With the improved economic climate, introduction of e-way bill and improved GST compliance, GST collections would continue to show a positive trend.
The wage bill of the Central Government on in its employees is less than 10% or 3.4% of the GDP, which is less compared to various countries world wide .
Vacancy of the Central Government is about 15 % , more than 4 lakhs vacancies are existing in the Central Government the work load is being carried out by the existing employees. The Government being a model employer should pay for its employees and motivate them to work more for implementation of its policies.
Hence due to the improved revenue earning of the Central Government, as assured to the staff side JCM by the Group of Ministers in respect of increase of Minimum Pay and Fitment formula, the Central Government should increase the Minimum Pay and Fitment formula.                  Issued by COC Karnataka

Minutes of 30th SCOVA Meet :                 It runs quite a few pages. It is given in  the Attachment.

e-PPO:           The Ministry of Defence has issued (May 14) the following Note, on introduction of e-PPO system:

(Quote)                      Furthering the Digital India-initiatives of Govt. of India, Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Pensions), Allahabad has startedissuance of electronic-Pension Payment Orders (e-PPOs) to the pensioners along with their Pension Disbursement Agencies viz., Banks, Defence Pension Disbursement Offices, Post Offices, etc. What began in the first phase, for all Commissioned Officers and JCOs/ORs of Armed Forces from the month of October 2017, has now been extended to all defence pensioners including defence civilians.
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Allahabad is the sole agency under Ministry of Defence which sanctions Pensions for the Defence Services viz., Army, Coast Guard, Defence Research and Development Organization,General Reserve Engineer Force, Border Roads Organization, Military Engineering Services and other Defence organisations including Defence Account Department and Defence Civilians.
The shift from manual system to e-PPO system is expected to minimize delays in pension disbursement and further revision as and when needed. This initiative also eliminates the occurrence of human errors in data entry at multiple levels.
The next big step in this direction would be digitizing pension documents received from 46 record offices and more than 2900 Heads of Offices. This initiative by PCDA (P) will facilitate better implementation of OROP.                          (Unquote)
                            7th CPC benefits to Autonomous bodies’ pensioners:      The BPS New Delhi has written a long letter d/ 20 April 2018 to Union Commerce Minister Shri Prabhu, on the immediate need to extend the benefits of 7CPC to these pensioners.
            Meantime, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi, has issued the following OM No.5/20/2008-Plant (Co.ord) (Part) d/ May 15, 2018, which is self-explanatory. It is addressed to the Dy Chairman, Tea Board, Calcutta; the Secretary, Coffee Board, Bengaluru; the Executive Director, Rubber Board, Kottayam ; and the Chairman, Spices Board, Kochi. We congratulate these pensioners, who fought their way with zeal and strength for over a year.
(Quote)           I am directed to inform that the issue of extension of benefits of the 7th Pay Commission to the pensioners and family pensioners of Commodity Boards viz. Tea Board, Coffee Board, Rubber Board and Spices Board, was examined in the Department. The Competent Authority has considered the extension of such benefit w.e.f. 1.1.2018 subject to the condition that the Boards can meet the additional requirement from their own resources and budget presently available.
2. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority and in concurrence  with Finance Division, vide their Dy.No.64/FD/2018 dated 11th May 2018.
Sd. M S Banerjee, Under Secretary to the Govt of India. Tel: 011 23061732. (Unquote)
PS:     What is surprising is that the OM gives the ‘effective date’ to be 1.1.2018, instead of 1.1.2016. It may be recalled that there is a Judgement of the Supreme Court, wherein it is stated that the effective date should not be one to one group of pensioners, and another date for a second group of pensioners. Tis may have to be examined.
                                    CPAO on Excess payment:         The OM d/ 16 May 2018 on the subject  is self-explanatory:
(Quote)                       Subject: Recovery of excess payment made to pensioners.
It has been brought to the notice of this office that some Bank branches are refusing to disburse the family pension to the family pensioners until and unless the whole overpaid amount is credited back to the bank. This issue was also highlighted in the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) meeting Chaired by Hon’ble Minister of State of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.
In this context, RBI in consultation with Office of the CGA, Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Expenditure has issued instructions for recovery of excess payment made to pensioners vide their Circular No. RBI/2015-16/340 DGBA GAD No.2960/45.01.001/ 2015-16 dated-17.03.2016 which is reproduced below:
a) As soon as the excess/wrong payment made to a pensioner comes to the notice of the paying branch, the branch should adjust the same against the amount standing to the credit of the pensioner’s account to the extent possible including lumpsum arrears payment.
b) If the entire amount of over payment cannot be adjusted from the account, the pensioner may be asked to pay forthwith the balance amount of over payment.
c) In case the pensioner expresses his inability to pay the amount, the same may be adjusted from the future pension payments to be made to the pensioners. For recovering the over-payment made to pensioner from his future pension payment in instalments 1/3rd of net (pension plus relief) payable each month may be recovered unless the pensioner concerned gives consent in writing to pay a higher instalment amount.
d) If the over payment cannot be recovered from the pensioner due to his death or discontinuance of pension then action has to be taken as per the letter of undertaking given by the pensioner under the scheme.
e) The pensioner may also be advised about the details of over payment/ wrong payment and mode of its recovery.
The above uniform procedure may be strictly adhered to while effecting recovery of excess/wrong pension payments made to pensioners and necessary instructions may be issued to the bank branches to ensure that no branch may refuse the pension/family pension to the pensioners on the pretext of excess payment/ recoveries.
This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).
sd/- (Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Asstt. Controller of Accounts)
                                    CPAO on non-issue of Pension slips by Banks:     The CPAO New Delhi has issued the following OM d/ May 15, 2018, on the subject.
Attention is invited to para 4.6.6 of CPPC Guidelines issued by CPAO whereby it has been mentioned that “The Home Branch will meet all information needs of the pensioner using the CPPC system. The CPPC software will display on the computer screen, options and view of the details of calculation of pension and its breakup of the pension paid to the pensioner/ family pensioner. The Home Branch will act as intermediary between the pensioner & CPPC and, besides providing accounts statement, provide to the pensioners the TDS, pension slip, the Due and Drawn Statement in respect of each arrear and the Annual Income Statement”.
In view of the above, Heads of CPPCs and Heads of Government Business Divisions of all the authorized banks are requested to strictly adhere to the above mentioned provision of para 4.6.6 of the CPPC guidelines.
This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).
S/d,(PrafulDabral)Sr.AccountsOfficer(IT&Tech)    Ph No.011-26166758
Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh meets MOS(PP):   Following a news-item from the PIB website (6 April 2018):
The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy & Space, Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that the Government led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is sensitive to employees’ concerns and a number of decisions taken during the last four years, are aimed in the direction of addressing employees’ issues and providing them a motivating environment.
Dr Jitendra Singh was speaking to a delegation of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) led by Shri M. Sudhakar Rao, Secretary General of Geological Survey of India Employees Sangh affiliated to BMS.
The members of the delegation submitted two memoranda to the Minister. One of them related to the alleged discrepancy in Recruitment Rules (RRs) of the Non-Gazetted Group ‘B’ Assistants in the Ministry of Mines, Geological Survey of India. The other memorandum proposed the setting up of a Joint Consultative machinery for arbitration.
Dr Jitendra Singh held a detailed discussion on each of the issues raised. He said that he will get the issues examined.
Railway Ministry issues Comprehensive Order on Empanelment of Hospitals : OM d/ 25 April 2018 :     The Railway Ministry has embarked on bringing out a what-is-called ‘comprehensive’ guidelines on the task of empanelment of hospitals. It has even delegated the powers to local Medical officers. However, this is subject to the Railways domain. The reaction of the CGHS Directorate has to be watched.
                                    National Unions on Agitational path: Following is from the Govt staff website (May 19, 2018) on ‘National strike’ :


10-06-2018, Sunday
08.30 AM : Registration
09.30 AM : Flag Hoisting and Homage to Martyrs.
10.00 AM : Inaugural Session
Preisded by : COM. K.K.N.KUTTY National President, Confederation.
Welcome Speech : COM. A. AZEEZ General Secretary,C.O.C, AP & Telangana States.
Inauguration by : SHRI. G. SAJJEEVA REDDY National President, INTUC.
Guests of honour : COM. AMARJEET KAUR National General Secretary, AITUC.
:COM. RAMULU State President, CITU.
:COM. A. SREEKUMAR General Secretary, All India State Govt. Employees – Federation.
01.00 PM : Presentation of Draft Strike Declaration Resolution.
Presentation by : COM. M. KRISHNAN Secretary General, Confederation.
01.15 to 02.00 PM : LUNCH BREAK
02.00 PM : Discussion on Draft Resoluion & Address by Chief Executives of Affiliates.
04.30 PM : Summing up of Discussion and adoption of Strike Declaration Resolution.
05.00 PM : Vote of thanks
by : COM. V.NAGESHWARA RAO President, C.O.C, AP & Telengana States.

Convention will commence at 09.30 AM itself. Time schedule will be strictly followed. All leaders and delegates of affiliated organisations are requested to reach the venue before 09.30 AM.
Please ensure participation of delegates as per quota fixed to each affiliates/C.O.Cs. Please issue separate circulars and also give wide publicity.                                      
                                    Provisional Pension:          The front page of April issue of ‘Bharat Pensioner’ (BPS New Delhi) has screamed ‘Railway Administration insensitive to widows’!  It refers to a case wherein even after 23 years, sanction of Family pension has NOT been issued, when her husband died in harness. Again, in the April issue of ‘Pensioners Digest’ (Karnataka CGPA, Bangalore), we mentioned of a newsitem from ‘Deccan Herald’ (March 22), wherein a pension case of R Sethumadhavan was settled after 27 years. Thirdly, erald’ (<March 22)HH

we have been repeating that a family pension case is on our hands, wherein the husband died in 2001; and yet, even after 17 years, the case is unsettled.  Why then is the provision of ‘Provisional Pension’ in the Rules? The Ministry of Pension ought to come out with a Directive that, mandatorily, Provisional Pension must be issued within a month, when the pension case is likely to be delayed for one reason or the other. (This would even obviate the payment of heavy arrears.)
 C G H S:                     Empanelment of Hospitals:         Presumably, as a follow-up of the recent Supreme Court judgement on Hospitalisation of Central employees/pensioners, whether empanelled or not; the Railway Board, New Delhi, on 25 April 2018, has issued the following ‘comprehensive’ Guidelines on Empanelment of hospitals, in the country. The action/reaction of the CGHS Directorate is to be seen.
No.2016/H-1/11/58/Policy, d/ dated 25.4.2018, to The General Managers, All Indian Railways & Production Units,

PCMD/SER vide their letter under reference had sought necessary guidelines to be followed while empanelling private hospitals in consequence of powers delegated to the GMs for empanelment of private hospitals vide Railway Board letter no. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 18/10/17 and to the DRM’s for divisions and CWMs for workshops vide letter no.2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt 1 dated 30/11/17. Such powers are to be exercised by the delegated officers in person and shall not be delegated below. Hence now no proposal for empanelment is required to be sent to Railway Board.

A comprehensive guideline for procedure and checklist to be followed while empanelling private hospitals are being issued as per Annexure enclosed. Any new guidelines issued from MoH & FW as and when issued shall be duly incorporated and advised.
This is in surprise (supercession) of all earlier guidelines issued from Railway Board on this subject.
This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

(Mrs. H.K. Sanhotra)
Joint Director-II/Health
Railway Board

Comprehensive Procedure Guideline & Check List For Empanelment of Private Hospitals
The empanelled hospitals have been broadly categorised into two groups:-

A.         CGHS / E$l / ECHS empanelled hospitals and Government of India / Public Sector Undertaking hospitals like of SAIL, BHEL, Coal India, etc.
B.         Other private hospitals which are neither empanelled by CGHS, ECHS & ESI nor are run by Government of India Public Sector Unit. (PSU).

The following guide lines and check list are to be kept in consideration while empanelling hospitals by Railways. The point common to both these types of hospitals are given below:-

1. Justification for the proposal mentioning the present status of Railway Hospital i.e. number of Doctors & Paramedical on roll vis. a vis. sanctioned strength, services provided by it, any future plan for expansion, no. of Honorary Consultants/Visiting Specialists (specialty wise) & CMPs and despite existing facilities why referral services are still required.

2. Justification for empanelment with technical aspect i.e. number of beds / facilities/specialties/services offered/medical set up etc. at the proposed hospital.

3. Total number of Railway beneficiaries catered by the Railway Hospital.

4. In the Specialties Specialties for which Railway hospital do not have facilities if there are any reputed Government Hospitals rendering services in those specialties.

5. In CGHS covered states/cities, hospitals should be empanelled only at CGHS rates (in case of Government of India, PSU hospital their own rate) or even lower or some discount etc offered by them. Names of the hospital empanelled by CGHS / ECHS /ESI can be obtained from respective website. Even in places not covered by CGHS, all out efforts should be made to empanel hospital on CGHS (city-specific) rates only. In case of any deviation from CGHS rates, justification to be given by MD / CMS / CMO in charge, duly concurred by Associate Finance before being approved by Competent Authority.

6. Comparative statement of package rates as well as diagnostic charges of the proposed hospital with (i) other empanelled hospitals in the city and (ii) the CGHS rates of that city or the nearest city in tabulated form.

7. Two copies of rate list of hospital duly verified by competent authority. After approval, one copy along with sanction letter to be sent to HQ for uploading on Zonal website.

8. Concurrence of the Associate Finance as applicable along with their verbatim comments

9. Proposal to be sent for approval of GM /DG (RDSO) /DRM /CAO /CWM as the case may be (both for the first time and as well as further renewals).

10. Validity of empanelment will be two years or till it is empanelled or revoked by CGHS / ECHS /.ESI whichever is earlier and for Government of India PSU hospitals too it will be for two years, Same for non CGHS / ECHS / ESI hospitals too. Overall performance of the hospital, patient’s feedback etc. to be kept in mind while extension

11. Further extension may be done with mutual consent of both parties, arid will be sanctioned by GM /DG (RDSO) /DRM /CAO /CWM as the case may be (also see para A((a) & B(d)).

A. CGHS / ESI/ ECHS empanelled hospitals and Government of India / Public Sector Undertaking hospitals like of SAIL’ 3HEL, Coal India, etc. –
(a) In case of CGHS / ECHS / ESI empanelled & Government of India/PSU run hospitals, a letter of willingness from the hospital be obtained and can be empanelled any time Rates as and when revised by CGHS can be agreed to.

B. Other private hospitals which are neither empanelled by CGHS, ECHS & ESI
a) An open advertisement should be floated once a year or as per requirement for empanelment of private hospitals.
b) Empanelment of such hospitals should be considered only if there is no other CGHS/ ECHS / ESI nor any hospital run by Government of India – Public Sector Undertaking like SAIL, BHEL, Coal India etc. empanelled hospital, preferably within a vicinity of 5kms from the hospital already empanelled.
c) Search committee should be constituted by MD / CMS / CMO, consisting of 3 doctors of at least JAG level and they may co-opt another doctor of particular speciality when required. They will visit the hospitals and give clear justification for approving this hospital.
d) For any increase in rates, at the time of extension same should be justified by MD/CMS/CMO and concurred by Associated Finance and accepted by the concerned competent authority. If such increase in rates is more than 5%, the proposal duly justified by medical in charge and vetted by associate finance and approval of DRM /CWM in case of Division and workshops to be sent to Headquarters for sanction of General Manger. In case of headquarter controlled Central hospitals and Pus, General Manager / DG*(RDSO) will approve such proposals. However, no enhancement in rate is permissible during that period of recognition of two years. (Unquote)

            Treatment of cancer:         The Ministry of Railways, New Delhi, has issued the following Circular d/ 25 April 2018, on the subject.

Sub: Treatment of Railway medical beneficiaries at Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai – Reg.
M/s Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai has been accorded permanent recognition for cancer treatment of Railway medical beneficiaries. Such beneficiaries are referred to Tata Memorial Centre through Central/Western Railways. In many cases, it is noted that when cancer patients from zones other than Central and Western Railways are referred to Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai, they have to go back to parent zones for getting approval of expenses if the amount of advance to be sanctioned for treatment exceeds certain limit. Such situations put unnecessary hardship to Railway medical beneficiaries who have to run from Mumbai to their parent zones located at far-off places for getting necessary approvals. In view of this, the issue of providing a permanent relief in such situations has been under consideration of Railway Board for sometime.
After careful consideration in the matter, it has now been decided that the proposals for sanction of advance in favour of Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai in cases of Railway medical beneficiaries from all zones who have initially been referred to TMH/Mumbai by Central/Western Railway and have been recommended Bone Marrow Transplant (MBT) by TMH/Mumbai, will be processed and advance sanctioned with the approval of Competent Authorities of Central/Western Railways through whom the patient has been referred to the hospital. After sanction, Central/Western Railway will raise debit to the concerned zone which that zone would be bound to accept. The sanction of advance amount will be limited to the financial limit contained in PGI/Chandigarh letter dated 28.10.2016 (copy enclosed) or subsequent instruction on the subject of BMT issued by CGHS. Also, before sanction of medical advance, an undertaking may be obtained from railway medical beneficiary to the effect that charges incurred on treatment beyond the prescribed financial limit for BMT procedure will be borne by him/her and no reimbursement claim to the effect will be preferred.
This issues with the approval of Finance Directorate in the Ministry of Railways.
Sd,  (R.S.Shukla)  Joint Director/Health  Railway Board.
               Back home:             Back home, we have a good Shankar Cancer Hospital in Shankarapuram, Bangalore.
               Wellness Centre 4, Ulsoor:          This WC has been shifted to No.4, I and II floor, No.669, HBR Main Road, I stage, II block, HBR Lay-out, Bangalore 560023 (Near BDA complex). WC 4 will hence remain closed from June 11 to 19. Please have the services at other WCs. The new WC will be HBR WC 4. (Shri S Radhakrishna, General Secretary, CC CGPA-K, has intimated this by WhatsApp.)
The State scene
       Karnataka Assembly elections:             Elections to 224-member Karnataka Legislative Assembly were held on May 12 – peacefully. Elections from 2 constituencies remained countermanded. BJP won 104, Congress 78, Janata Dal (S) 38, and Independents 2. BJP staked claim. Shri BS Yeddyurappa was sworn as the Chief Minister on May 17, on a direction from the Apex Court. He declared ‘hit wicket’, as he could not brave the majority-show on May 19. Subsequently, the Congress-Janata Dal(S), which had also staked claim to form the Govt, remained fortunate, and JD-‘king maker’ Shri HD Kumaraswamy himself was sworn in as the Chief Minister on May 23. He brought an array of national leaders, who remained anti-BJP, for the gala ceremony, before the Vidhana Soudha. The Congress which ruled for five years earlier appeared pleased with the post of Deputy Chief Minister in G Parameswara. Shri Kumaraswmy now rules on a ‘sticky wicket’. We have to watch how long this rule lasts. (This is the position as on May 31.)
            ‘Deccan Herald’ d/ May 24 editorially cautioned the Congress-JD(S) combine not to ‘squander this opportunity’; and come up with ‘positive agenda’, unlike the performance in the preceding tenure. We watch.
One more Bharat Ratna, please:            Literary writers, scientists and even sportsmen are Awarded the highest country’s honour of Bharat Ratna. Karnataka has now a centenarian, philosopher, philanthrophist, educationist and great religious leader. He is 111 years old, at present. He started Siddaganga educational institutions way back in the 1940s, ‘in thatched huts’ – with a phalanx of bright faculty members in the state. He has the distinction of providing meals daily at the Mutt, for over 10,000 persons now, starting from 2000 members. Verily because of this institutional kingdom, a University has come up about two years back at Tumkur. Politicians and others adore him, for his simplicity and service to society. He is Sri Shivakumaraswamy, head of the Siddaganga Mutt.  May we request the Government at the Centre to consider him for the award of Bharat Ratna? (Indeed, I had sent a mail to the Hon’ble MOS(PP) before the State elections, on this proposal.)          
The Local (Assns) scene
            Annual General Body MeetingS :           (i) The BPS New Delhi has announced its 63rd Annual Meet at Vijayawada (AP) on 29 November 2018. Intending delegates may contact C S Rayulu on his Mobile 09908483769, e-mail :
(ii)  The Karnataka P&T Pensioners Assn has proposed to hold its 23rd AGB at Bengaluru on 9 September 2018.
(iii)   The Karnataka IA&AD Pensioners Assn has also proposed to hold its 8th AGB at Bengaluru in September 2018 ( with date not decided).
(iv) The Karnataka CGPA proposes to hold its 41st AGB in August-September 2018, depending on the receipt of Auditor’s report. (This is stated as a few members have made enquiries in this behalf.)
            BPS on Introspection of what pensioners need:      In the issue for May 2018 (Pps 2&5), the BPS has opened its heart on ‘What pensioners got, What they lost’, in the last couple of years. It opines that the loss is mostly because the pensioners and their associations speak in different voices. It said further that the Revision of PPOs and Receipt of arrears therefor, as a result of OM d/ 12 May 2017, has still not been completed. It proclaimed “Our almost 50% of issues will get resolved if only the Service matters and Pension issues which have attained legal finality are uniformly implemented for all similarly placed persons, without pushing each one of the pensioner to seek redress from court for the same issue/grievance. Supreme Court itself has said so several times. (Also vide Editorial on Litigation policy, supra page 1)! Next, it emphasised the need for one Departmental/Ministerial agency to look after the Health Care of all pensioners, instead of the present multifarious agencies. It admitted that the aged pensioners cannot embark on delegations, representations and agitations, to seek redressal of issues. It wanted the Govt to open a separate window for the pensioners, and the present Ministry to be more helpful. Good thoughts.
            BPS on Digital technology:         More than once, the BPS has harped on the Pensioners and their Assns to depend on or take to Computer-oriented communications, to be on a broader basis. It has emphasised on ‘Twitter’ technology too.  On my part, I would like to state that the Pensioners Assns are really manned by aged pensioners because of their interest in ‘social service’. What they are doing is beyond their qualification. Those who are highly computer-savvy are not available to these Assns. The Dept has introduced PFMS procedure to show up transparency in expending the Grant-in-Aid amount. The result is yet to be seen, as the present computer operators in the Assn offices are still immature to rise to the requirement. Quite a high number of pensioners use the computer or even the smart phone as a refined typewriter only, with the addition of e-mail despatches. Beyond this, the pensioners or their associations may not rise, I am afraid. Nor are these associations prepared to pay tens of thousands to skilled technical personnel to run the pensioners’ associations.
Karnataka CGPA
        The Assn is seized with three Grievances.
(i)            A Govt servant expired in June 2001. The Zonal Dept made out Pension case and sent it to HQ in Delhi in 2003. The HQ office shifted from one place to another, and reported to us stating that these papers are lost, when we approached it in 2016 for redressal. The family-pensioner designate culled out the papers available with her, and sent them to HQ. She approached the Assn. We registered the Grievance under the CPENGRAMS, and wrote to the MOS(PP). With his intervention in 2016, the papers moved. The HQ asked for different documents, later found to be unnecessary! Again in early this year, the MOS(PP) intervened, on our plea. Recently in May 2018, an office-bearer of this Assn visited that office to expedite the issue of Family PPO. We are told that it has gone to the EPFO at Wazirabad, and it could take ‘two months’. We wait.
(ii)          Another pensioner took VRS in 1984. He was given a PPO number. Years later, the Pension-drawing Bank informed him that his PPO number has changed, and gave a number. This number appears on the CPAO-website too. But, the CPAO states that it came into existence in 1990, and it does not have his papers. The pensioner needs a PPO-document up-dated with his spouse details.Our Assn office bearer visited the PAO unit in New Delhi in May 2018. The case officer just states that he cannot do anything unless the pensioner’s details appear on his computer screen. The pensioner as such is sick and is 85 years, paying no attention to anything. We pursue.
(iii)         A third person from Odisha approached the President about a month back. He said that his father, a pensioner, expired two years ago. He (surviving son) is physically handicapped. His sister is a divorcee. They represented to the Dept for family pension, about two years ago. Our Assn office-bearer visited this office too in May 2018; and the result is the Odisha papers are not traceable. We have subsequently got these papers from the son, and are in the process of handing over them to the Dept, for further action. We shall follow up.
The Elites:                In keeping with the tradition of the Assn for the last  10 years, we would honour those who have crossed 75 years, as on January 1, 2018. They should have been a member of this Assn for at least one year before Jan 1. Please offer your nominations, with details of proof of date of birth, and telephone number. We would however compile our own list. We request the members not to rush details in the last minute. Any claim for the honour will not be entertained, at the venue of the AGB, and they may have to go without the memento, please.
Payments received:           Following payments have been received during MAY 2018. 3 members have paid Rs 5000 each, 1 member has paid Rs 2000 and 8 members have paid Rs 1000+.  We thank them all, dearly.
Receipt No.
M Fee
       PD Subs                      Rs.             Year 
Ananda MB

New member
Anantharaman KV

Appachoo PK


Ashok Kumar Sahani


Ayachit AG


Balasubramanie K


Bansi Ram Verma

New member
Baskar Govind Wanikar




Guptan VK

Hayavadana Rao D


Karmadi VS

19 -21

Keshava Das HA


Krishnappa C



Madappa KA


Menon KS

Mohanthy PC


Moorthy PNR


Nagaraja Sharma R


Padmanabhan K

Pillai TGM


Prathimaben K Bhatt
        (GM Halvadia)

Raghavendra Rao B


Ramakrishna NK



Ravishankar M


Saiyed Ankleshwar AP
        (GM Halvadia)

Santha Raja A, Smt


Shah Botad VK
        (GM Halvadia)

Srinivasan K Dr.

Srinivasan PG

Subbarayappa A


Vedagiri KR


Venkata Rao S

Vinayakumar M

New member

                The above statement includes Donations from members, who received Arrears post-OM d/May 12, 2017, on pension re-fixation. The others may also kindly donate, as and when they receive the arrears.
            New members enrolled:       Following THREE members have been enrolled during May 2018. We welcome them, and wish them well.
Mobile No.
Bansi Ram Verma
Min of Cons. Affairs
98716 00298
Ananda MB
94488 27036
Vinayakumar M
Min of Def
080 4168 9010
099001 63637

          Sunday Herald magazine of ‘Deccan Herald’ (May 27) carried a front-page on ‘Views on Retirement’. It is very interesting. Given are varied opinions therein.
(Quote)          ‘The Decision to be Done’:        Queen Elizabeth is 92 years old. American pop singer Tony Bennet is 91. Philanthrophist Warren Buffet is 87. Bollywood star Amigtabh Bachan is 75. Yet,none of them is showing any sign of fatigue or an inclination to retire………Khushwant Singh, who died at the age of 98, wrote almost till his last breath….Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for nearly 40 years and he was deposed at 92…..Playboy (magazine) founder Hugh Hefner had his ‘final call’ when he was 91.

But, many young people today plan to hang up their boots……Retiring early requires several years of planning.

Shashikant Bharadwaj, 21 years, believes in starting early and retiring young………..Financial stability is a must, agrees Meena Gupta, who quit her high-flying IT career in the US and returned to Bangalore to work among deserving children……..Ravi Kumar, who left a comfortable Corporate job, disagrees ‘You will never be able to take the plunge until you have amassed enough wealth……Journalist Joseph Hoover retired at 48 to take to wild life conservation….Preeti Nagaraj of Mysuru says ‘I retired at 37, and am loving every bit of it.’…..M A Deviah, an editor with a Washington-based bank, believes there is no connection between one’s job and passion. ‘I am now 62 and do not intend to retire at least for the next 10 years.’….Hyderabad-based Shailesh Reddy, working for 20 years in a satellite news channel, decided to call it a day, when he was 40, because he realised he could not bring any qualitative change in the society through ‘commercial channels’. He now works for Telangana government, which runs two television channels, which has now reached an audience of Seven million, in providing ‘distance education’…..S N Praveen decided to call it a day after 30 years in marketing and sales. He wanted to become a ‘socio-preneur’ and now runs a home for senior citizens….Veena Raghu, an assistant professor of law, looks forward to settle in Coorg to look after her coffee plantation….Ujwala Balajee, a former teacher, took early retirement, and regrets now.

Kiran Setty, a practising lawyer from Mysuru, says 80% of Indians do not retire. They work until death…..Prashant B P, a finance and accounting professional, contends ‘Yes, all of us want to retire early. But, have we earned enough to support ourselves for the rest of our lives?’…Aiyanna Nellamakkada, a legal manager, states ‘Our retirement age is determined by our commitment to life and family’……Mohan Katarki, an advocate, and Yeshwant Gangaiah, a nephrologist, from Tumkur, argue that 50 is too early an age for lawyers and doctors to retire, because they stabilise only around 40 years age…..Gurugram-based Rajeswari Jagtap opines ‘Women can never retire. It is a 24/7, 365-day job’.

So, what is the right age to retire? Krishnamurthy Srinath of Bengaluru sums it up perfectly when he says ‘There is no right or wrong age. Retire only when you are tired, not only physically, but also emotionally.’(Unquote)

A Quote
            Sometimes, Retirement does not necessarily mean
               completely stopping work or even slowing down;
               But, only a shift in gears (in life).                 
-           G Machaiah
( Sunday Herald magazine of “Deccan Herald’, May 27, 2018.)

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If undelivered,        please return to:
The Karnataka CGPA, “Swarna”, 120/1, 2nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval, 
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Written & Edited by Shri S S Ramanatha Rao, and Published by Shri S Gurudas, for and on behalf of The Karnataka Central Government Pensioners’ Association, “Swarna”, No.120/1, 2nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval,, Bengaluru 560003; and Printed by Shri V Sathianarayanan, at M/s GH Enterprises, No. 128, Dharmaraja Koil Street, Bengaluru 560001.

F.No. 42/05/2018-P&PW(G)
 Government of India Ministry of Personnel, P.G and Pensions
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,
New Delhi-110003 Date:-
 25th April, 2018
To All the Pensioners Associations included in the SCOVA vide Resolution dated 31.01.2018
Sub:- Minutes of the 30th SCOVA meeting held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS(PP) on 23.03.2018, at Vigyan Bhawan Annexe, New Delhi-reg.
Please find enclosed herewith the minutes of the 30th Meeting of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS(PP) on 23.03.2018, at Vigyan Bhawan Annexe, New Delhi for your kind perusal. Encl: as above
 Sd (Charanjit Tan ja) Under Secretary to the Government of India
 Minutes of the 30th Meeting of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) held on 23.03.2018 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS(PP) at Vigyan Bhawan Annexe, New Delhi
 The 30th meeting of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) was held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS(PP) on 23.03.2018. List of participants is enclosed.
2. Joint Secretary (P) welcomed the representatives of Pensioners Associations and the participating officers from various Ministries/Departments
3. He mentioned that some issues of the last SCOVA meeting have been resolved. Two review meetings were held with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on 05.06.2017 and with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, CPAO, Ministry of Defence, Department of Telecom and Department of Financial Services on 09.01.2018 to resolve issues pending in SCOVA.
 4. Thereafter, the Action Taken Report on the decisions of the 29thSCOVA meeting and Fresh Agenda Items of the 30th SCOVA meeting were taken up for discussion.
5. Discussion on the Action Taken Report of 29thSCOVA meeting Revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners. CPAO, Ministry of Railways, Department of Telecom and Department of Posts informed that revision of pension w.e.f 01.01.2006 in respect of all pre-2006 pensioners has been completed. CGDA informed that out of a total of 1,39,504 Air Force Pensioners drawing pension as on 01.01.2016, 76591 were identified as pre2006 pensioners. Revised authority in respect of 69,595 pre-2006 pensioners has been issued. However, revised PPOs in respect of 6996 pensioners were yet to be issued. These cases are pending due to non-matching of records (PPO No.) provided by PDAs with the records available with Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs). Banks are also not able to intimate correct PPO numbers in these cases. He informed that efforts are being made to identify these 6996 pre-2006 pensioners. The Air Force Association contested the claim of CGDA that there are only 1,39,504 Pre-2006 Air Force Pensioners. It was brought out by the Secretary Air Force Association that in Mar 17, the Raksha Mantri while giving an answer to Lok Sabha Starred question had indicated the figure as 2,05,942. Further, as late as Feb 18, the JCDA (AF) has shown the figure as 2,60,895 Air Force Pensioners in an excel sheet marked as "CPPC wise, no. of pensioner-airforce" and sent to Directorate of Air Veterans, (DAV) Air HQ on their CD. As regards the number of pre-06 Air Force Pensioners for whom Corr. PPOs have not been issued, the number is close to 1,00,000 and not 6,996 as stated by CGDA. It was decided that CGDA will reconcile the figures of all pending cases of revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners in consultation with Directorate of Air 1 Veterans, Air HQ and issue revised authority in respect of all the pre-2006 pensioners along with their 7th CPC Pension revision. CGDA will also take urgent action to identify the 6996 pre-2006 pensioners and issue revised authority, where necessary. It was decided that the CGDA will fix a target date of around 3 months for completion of these activities. Subject to this, the item was closed in respect of all other Departments. (Action: CGDA)
 (ii). Health Insurance Scheme for pensioners including those residing in NonCGHS area.
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that final EFC Memo regarding finalization of Health Insurance Scheme was submitted more than a year ago and that the matter was pending with Department of Expenditure. Director (E.V), Department of Expenditure said that the proposal is not pending with his Division and it may be pending with some other Division in the Department of Expenditure. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare was advised to follow up the matter with Department of Expenditure for taking a final decision in regard to EFC Memo. (Action: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Department of Expenditure)
 (iii). Special "Higher" Family Pension for widows of the war disabled invalidated out of service. Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare informed that the matter has been examined in consultation with Service Headquarters. In accordance with the relevant rules, on death of a pensioner in receipt of disability pension, only the normal family pension is allowed. Therefore, Special Higher Family Pension for widows of war disabled pensioners is not permitted under the rules. It has therefore been decided, in consultation with Defence (Finance), that the request for Higher Family Pension in such cases cannot be accepted. (Action: Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare)
 (iv). Extension of CGHS facilities to P&T pensioners. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that CGHS facility has been extended to all pensioners of P&T Department vide Ministry of Health and Family Welfare OM dated 19.07.2017. In view of this, the item was closed.
(v). Conversion of Postal Dispensary at Cantt. Road Cuttack to CGHS Wellness Centre. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that on the recommendations of the 7th CPC, a comprehensive proposal for merger of all Postal Dispensaries in CGHS has been under examination in consultation with Department of Posts. This involves the issue of filling up of vacant posts in such P&T dispensaries. After firming up a 2 proposal in consultation with Depatment of Posts, the matter will be referred to Department of Expenditure for their approval. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the process is likely to be completed in 3 months time. The proposal for merger of Postal Dispensary at Cuttack in CGHS and P&T dispensaries in other cities would be considered as a part of comprehensive proposal for merger of P&T dispensaries in CGHS. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
 (vi). Anomaly in fixation of pension of DoT employees who were absorbed in BSNL between 01.10.2000 and 30.07.2001. DoT informed that Hon'ble CAT in its order dated 16.12.2016 has allowed the petition filed by some absorbee BSNL pensioners who retired during 01.10.2000 and 30.07.2001. DOT has filed a writ petition in Delhi High Court against order of Hon'ble CAT. Hon'ble High Court has granted stay on implementation of Hon'ble CAT's order. The case will come up for hearing in High Court in October,2018. DoT has separately moved a proposal to Department of Expenditure on a formulation suggested by DoPPW. Department of Expenditure has sought financial implications on the proposal. DoT is compiling information and would submit the same to Department of Expenditure. (Action:- Department of Telecom and Department of Expenditure) (vii). Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to pre-2006 retirees of S-12 grade (Issue of grant of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- instead of Rs. 4200/-) It was informed that CAT, Bangalore Bench and High Court of Karnataka have in some cases allowed the grant of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- to pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/- In order to avoid the contempt action. DoT has implemented the orders of Hon'ble CAT/High Court in respect of the petitioners only. Director(PP), Department of Pension & PW informed that a proposal for extending the benefit of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- for revision of pension of all pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the pre- revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/- was earlier referred to Department of Expenditure. However, the proposal was not agreed to by Department of Expenditure. The matter has again been referred to Department of Expenditure for reconsideration on 22.02.2018. Department of Expenditure was requested to expedite their decision in the matter. (Action:- DoPPW and Department of Expenditure)
 (viii). Merger of Survey of India Dispensary at Dehradun in CGHS on the same lines as P&T. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the proposal regarding merger of Survey of India Dispensary under CGHS in Dehradun has been agreed to by Surveyor General of India and the matter is being examined in consultation with Mbo 3 Science & Technology. A committee has been formed comprising officers from Survey of India and Directorate General of CGHS to sort out the issue regarding merger of Survey of India Dispensary in CGHS. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that a good progress has been made in this regard and a decision is likely to be taken in a month's time. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
 (ix). Stoppage of recovery of wrongful/excess payments from Railways Pensioners. Ministry of Railways informed that vide Railway Board's letter no. 04.05.2017, instructions have been issued to all Zonal Railways to provisionally stop recovery from the pensioners till further advice from the Railway Board which will be issued on receipt of instructions from Department of Expenditure. Ministry of Railways informed that the Department of Expenditure has desired certain information. The information is being collected from all Zonal Railways and Production Units. After compiling the information, the matter will be resubmitted to Department of Expenditure for approval. N.F Railways Pensioners Association, Uttarapara Central Govt. Pensioners Welfare Association and Railway Pensioner Association, Mysore mentioned that in spite of circular dated 04.05.2017, certain Zonal Railways and Public Disbursing Banks in some zones, e.g North- East Frontier Railway and Eastern Railway, were still continuing with recoveries from the pensioners. It was also mentioned that although the instructions issued by Railways provide for refund of the recoveries made, these instructions have not been implemented. Ministry of Railways was advised to look into these issues and take up the matter with the concerned Zonal Railways, and the Banks and ensure that the instructions issued by Railway Board were duly implemented. The concerned Pensioners' Associations will provide details of cases where instructions dated 04.05.2017 have not been implemented and recovery is continued from the pensioners. Ministry of Railways was also advised to expedite a final decision on the issue of recoveries in consultation with Department of Expenditure. (Action: Ministry of Railways)
(x). Delay in commencement of family pension to spouse on death of pensioners. It was mentioned that instructions issued by DoPPW/CPAO provide that family pension to widow should commence within one month of the receipt of death certificate in respect of deceased pensioner. However, widows and other family members of the deceased pensioner continue to face a lot of difficulties in getting the family pension started. CPAO informed that they have obtained information regarding time taken in commencement of family pension from all banks. The report prepared by CPAO  confirms that there has been considerable delays by the banks in commencement of family pension on death of pensioner. The family pension commenced within stipulated period of one month was only in only 38% in cases. In around 47% cases, the time taken for commencement of family pension was more than 6 months. CPAO informed that they have again issued instructions to all the banks on 30.01.2018 and had also taken a meeting with these banks on 31.01.2018 to impress upon them the need for ensuring that the family pension commences within the stipulated one month period. Department of Pension and PW has also taken up the matter with Department of Financial Services on 07.02.2018 forwarding a copy of the report received from CPAO and requesting them to advise all Banks to adhere to the timeline. DFS was requested to take up the matter with the banks at highest level to make sure that the families of the deceased pensioners get the family pension in time and an acknowledgment is invariably given by the Bank to the family member on receipt of the death certificate of the deceased pensioner and application for commencement of family pension. CPAO was advised that the representatives from DFS may also be invited in meetings held by CPAO with the banks. Tamil Nadu Ex-services League informed that the issue is also concerned with Defence Family Pensioners and there are number of delayed cases. They also handed over the list of delayed cases to the DFS. Uttarpara Central Govt. Pensioners Association representative said that carrying on payment of pension by banks after receipt of death certificate from spouse etc. causes subsequent complications and delay in start of family pension, be stopped by banks. (Action:- CPAO, Department of Financial Services, CGDA and DoPPW)
 (xi). Timely (i) Restoration of commuted pension and (ii) Commencement of Additional Pension on attaining the age of 80 years by the Banks. Director (PP), DOPPW informed that as per the reports received from CPAO, in more than 83% cases during 1.10.2016 and 30.09.2017, commuted pension was restored after a period of 12 months from the date it was due. The report of CPAO also reveals that in 87% cases, the additional pension to old pensioners was started more than 12 months after the date when it was due. Secretary (P&PW), observed that situation is really grim and it cannot be allowed to continue. JS(Pension), DoPPW emphasized the need for making suitable modifications in the software for automatic restoration of commuted value of pension and commencement of additional pension/family pension. Department of Financial Services (DFS) was advised to instruct banks in this regard. CPAO informed that the instructions have been issued to CPPCs of the banks from time to time to ensure restoration of commuted pension and commencement/enhancement of additional pension. The matter was also discussed by the CPAO with the banks in the meeting held on 31.01.2018 and the banks were directed to make necessary provisions in the software for timely restoration of 5 commutation and commencement of additional pension. CPAO also requested that all CPPCs should have their e-mail id and contact number. Software should also have date of birth of family pensioners. CPAO informed that CGA is in the process of developing a common software for banks which will take care of problems relating to delay in restoration of commuted pension and commencement of additional pension. (Action:- CPAO, Department of Financial Services and DoPPW)
(xii). Item wise details of payment made to be shown in the pass books of pensioners. DFS representative informed that instructions to the banks have been issued in January, 2018 in this regard. DoPPW mentioned that only SBI is implementing these instructions to some extent and other banks are not providing the details to pensioners. DFS was requested to issue fresh instructions to all the Banks in this regard. CPAO representative informed that the details regarding pension paid during last 24 months can be accessed from their website. Joint Secretary (P) said that Ministry of Railways should also explore the feasibility of similar provisions in their software ARPAN. (Action:- CPAO, Department of Financial Services, DoPPW and Ministry of Railways)
 (xiii). Additional Pension for recipients of disability pension of age of 80 years and above. Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare informed that orders in this regard have been issued by Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare vide their letter dated 05.09.2017. The item was accordingly closed.
(xiv). Upgradation of Polyclinic at Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the matter has been discussed with NIC. The NIC has informed that messages on medicines are already being sent through SMS. However, detailed information of medicines and investigation reports cannot be sent through SMS, for which the e-mail will be captured. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that upgradation of Polyclinic, Jaipur has already been completed. The Association raised the issue of replacement of old equipments for Eye and ENT treatment. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that these issues will be considered on receipt of a request. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare stated that an officer of the Department will visit Jaipur in April, 2018 to sort out all the pending issues relating to the dispensary. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
 (xv). Setting up of CGHS Wellness Centre at Kochi. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the proposal for opening of 8 new CGHS Wellness Centres in the country, including one at Kochi, has been referred to the Department of Expenditure. Further action for opening of wellness centre at Kochi will be taken on receipt of approval from the Department of Expenditure. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
 (xvi). Empanelment of Hospitals/ Health Centre with CGHS in Ambernath/Dombivli. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that they prescribe terms and conditions and rates for empanelment of private hospitals under CGHS. A private hospital in Ambarnath could be empanelled under CGHS only if such a Hospital applies and accepts the terms and conditions and rates of CGHS. There was some issue regarding CGHS rates for treatment in empanelled private hospitals. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that they have initiated the process for revision of rates based on a new formula which is likely to attract more private hospitals for empanelment under CGHS. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
 6. Discussion on Fresh Agenda Items of 30thSCOVA meeting
 (30.1) Revision of PPOs of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners as per 7th CPC orders. CPAO informed that out of 9.06 lakh cases, 5,98,400 have been received from PAOs of different Ministries/Departments. Out of which, 5,13,160 cases have been revised as per 7th CPC. CPAO also informed that revision at their end has been fast, however, the cases are not coming from the DDO level because of non-availability of records. The pensioners associations stated that although PPOs have been revised in many cases, pensioners are not getting the copy of the Revised Authority. Also, as well as payments have not been started by the banks due to non-receipt of PPOs by them in many cases. Department of Posts informed that out of 2,58,205 cases, they have issued revised authorities in respect of 2,17,644 cases. Department of Telecom informed that out of 95,659 cases, 90,572 cases have been revised as per 7thCPC. Ministry of Railways informed that out of 13,87,542 cases, 8,43,391 cases have been revised. 7 Out of 5,58,761 cases of Defence Civilian pensioners/family pensioners, revised authority has been issued in respect of 1,52,417 cases. Ministry of Defence intimated that they are monitoring the revision of cases of pensioners at highest level i.e by Secretary (Defence); and CGDA is also monitoring these case fortnightly. Concordance tables for service pensioners have been prepared and will be submitted to Ministry of Defence for approval. Pensioners also raised point of following different guidelines by PCDA(P), Allahabad than the guidelines issued by CPAO. It was advised to CGDA to issue centralized guidelines so that the same guidelines are followed in their all units. It was decided the work revision of PPOs should be completed by all Ministries/Departments (except Ministry of Defence) by 31.05.2018. Ministry of Defence/CGDA will complete the work in respect of civilian pensioners by 30.06.2010. Uttarpara Central Govt. Pensioners Association said that the revised PPO should be sent by issuing authority to the last known address of Pensioner/Family Pensioner by registered Post to ensure its delivery. N.F. Railway Pensioners Association raised the issue that although the PPO has been revised there are lying with the banks and banks are not revising pension because of shortage of man-power. Ministry of Railways was advised to hold meetings with the SBI, Assam especially CPPC, Guwahati, Kolkata and Patna and UCO bank to sort out the problems. (Action: CPAO, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Defence, Department of Telecom and Department of Posts)
 (30.2). Payment of arrears accruing in respect of deceased pensioners/family pensioners to the nominee/legal heir. It was mentioned that payment of life time arrears in such cases is covered by para 23.2 and 23.3 of the Scheme Booklet of CPAO. As per this para payment is made by the bank to the nominee by a bank pay order after making suitable note on both halves of the PPO.CPAO was advised to direct all banks to take action accordingly in these cases. In the context of revision of pension/family pension of those pensioners/family pensioners who have died on or after 01.01.2016, it was clarified that revised authority needs to be issued in respect of all such pensioners/family pensioners. It was decided that suitable instructions in this regard will be issued by DoPPW. (Action: CPAO and DoPPW)
 (30.3). Extension of benefit of modified parity/revision of pension by pay fixation method to pensioners drawing Compulsory retirement pension/Compassionate Allowance (on dismissal/removal).
 DoPPW informed that the matter has been taken up with Department of Expenditure. Department of Expenditure informed that the proposal was under examination with them. (Action:- DoPPW and Department of Expenditure)
(30.4) Empanelment of private referral hospitals in each of the districts of the States in the country. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that empanelment of private hospitals is done only in those cities where CGHS facility exists. Due to referral issue, empanelment of private hospitals was not possible in non-CGHS areas. The proposal for opening of CGHS wellness centres in some more cities is under consideration with Department of Expenditure. Empanelment of private hospitals in these cities will also be considered. Ministry of Health and Family Welfre also informed that the pensioners in non-CGHS areas can also avail CGHS facility and thus avail the benefit of treatment in private empanelled hospitals in CGHS areas. In view of the above, the item was closed.
 (30.5) Revision of CGHS package rates suitable for attracting more private hospitals for empanelment. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that the process for revision of CGHS package rates for medical facilities in private empanelled hospitals has already been initiated and a new formula has been proposed in this regard for finalization of rates. This is likely to attract more private hospitals for empanelment under CGHS. (Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
(30.6) Fixed Medical Allowance for pensioners who are residing away from RELHS centres. Ministry of Railways informed that all pensioners are covered under RELHS. However, in accordance with instructions issued in the year 2011, all Railway Pensioners residing at a distance of 2.5 kms or more from Railway Health Clinics can claim FMA after submitting an undertaking that they will not take OPD treatment from medical hospitals or Railway Health Centres. Therefore, the contention that the Railway pensioners residing away from RELHS centres are not eligible for FMA, is not correct. In view of this, the item was closed.
 (30.7) Difference in Last Rank held and Rank for Pension in the case of pre2006 military pensioners. Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare informed that the pension of pre-2006 pensioners was fixed w.r.t the pay scale of the rank which was held by the pensioner for a minimum of 10 months. However, the condition of 10 months service in the rank is not applicable in the case of post-2006 retirees. It is in this background that different criteria has been fixed for fixing of rank pension in the case of pre and post9 2006 pensioners. DoPPW clarified that in the case of civil pensioners for revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners, orders have been issued for fixation of notional pay with respect to the last pay/pay scale of the pensioners, even if that pay was drawn for one day only. It was decided that a detailed reference may be made by the Pensioners Associations to Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare bringing out all the issues involved. Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare will examine the issue afresh and take an appropriate decision in this respect, in consultation with Department of Expenditure. (Action:- Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare)
(30.8) Extension of benefit of Composite Hospitals to CAPF personnel. Ministry of Home Affairs informed that at present, retiring CPAF and AR personnel can opt only one of the following three medical options:- (i) CGHS facility for both IPD and OPD treatment (ii) CGHS facility for IPD and FMA for OPD facility. (iii) CAPF Medical Cover from Composite Hospitals. MHA stated that they would consider the proposal of extending medical facility in composite hospitals to retired CAPF personnel covered under CGHS without charging any additional fee, provided the pensioners do not avail FMA facility. The Association was advised to submit a detailed representation to MHA in this regard. MHA was requested to examine the issue and to take a decision in the matter at the earliest (Action: Ministry of Home Affairs)
(30.9) Holding of regular Pension Adalat by all major Ministries/Departments. DoPPW informed that they had issued instructions to all Ministries/Departments to held Pension Adalats. Ministry of Defence informed that they are regularly conducting such adalats. Ministry of Railways, DoT, Department of Posts also informed that they have been regularly conducting such Pension Adalats. Representatives of Pensioners associations also confirmed holding of Pension Adalats by the respective Departments on regular basis. Therefore, the item was closed.
 7. In view of the large number of unresolved issues relating to banks, it was decided that a special review meetings on issues related to banks will be taken by Secretary (P&PW). CPAO and Department of Financial Services will also participate in the meetings.
8. Hon'ble MOS(PP) said that it had been a pleasant and fruitful interaction, which is indicative of the efforts being made by the Depaament of Pension & 10 Pensioners Welfare. He said that the SCOVA has made a considerable progress since first time the SCOVA meetings were convened.
9. Hon'ble MOS(PP) referred to some recent initiation of the Government for the benefit of pensioners. For instance, minimum pension has been increased to Rs. 9000/-, ceiling of gratuity has been increased to Rs. 20 lakh, FMA has been increased to Rs.1000/- per month. Constant Attendance Allowance has been increased from Rs. 4500/- to Rs. 6750/- w.e.f 01.07.2017. Some benefits relating to income-tax e.g Standard Deduction, tax-rebate etc.on interest made available in the Finance Bill, 2018.
 10. Hon'ble MOS(PP) referred to a news item published in some newspapers regarding difficulties in disbursement of pension in the absence of Aadhaar linkage with the Bank Account. Hon'ble MOS(PP) clarified that Aadhaar has not been made mandatory for getting pension for Government employees. Aadhaar is an additional facility to enable use of technology for submission of life certificate without the need for visiting banks.
11. On the question of redressal of pension related grievances, Hon'ble MOS(PP) stated that DoPPW is the nodal department for receiving grievances through CPENGRAMS. However, it is for the concerned administrative Ministries/Departments to take suitable action to redress the grievances. Therefore, DoPPW forwards these grievances through CPENGRAMS to the concerned officers for disposal in a time bound manner. DoPPW, however, continues to monitor quality disposal of the grievances. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair

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