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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                    PENSIONERS’ DIGEST

1        Issue of Minimum pay and Fitment formula still alive.
2        Central staff on one-day strike on Nov 15.
3        DR likely to be 2% from July 1.
4        ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ caught the nation.
5        SC tells a State ‘Not to force Govt employees to approach court’.
6        Karnataka CGPA.
7        Income Tax Return is due.
8        A Quote.

The National Scene

               One-day strike in November:                  The National Convention of the Central Govt Employees held at yderabad on June 10HyHHyderabad on June 10 has given a Call for One-day Strike on November 15 in relation to its Charter of Ten Points. The Charter includes increase in minimum pay, re-addressing the fitment formula and scrapping of the National Pension System 2004.  A s i d e, the National Joint Council of Action has proposed to hold a meeting on  July 3, on these issues.

                        Confederation CGE, Karnataka, speaks like this:  
(Quote)  Comrades,                        Today none of the 7th CPC related demands of Central Government Employees are settled. The assurance given by the Group of Ministers to the NJCA leaders regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is in paper even after a lapse of 20 months. Now the Finance Minister has replied in Parliament that “no change in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is at present under consideration”.
To avert the 11th July (2017) CG employees’ strike the Hon’ble Prime Minster had instructed the group of Hon’ble Ministers including Shri Rajnath Singhji, Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhuji , Hon’ble Railway Minister and Shri Arun Jaitelyji , Hon’ble Finance Minister to hold discussions with the Staff Side (JCM) on 30th June 2016 and the Shri Arun Jaitelyji , Hon’ble Finance Minister had published a written assurances in the Government website on 6th July 2016 leading to deferment of the strike .
Pay Commission Objective:        It is the endeavour of every pay commission to ensure that the pay and allowances of employees should be ‘fair and reasonable’. The pay structure should also motivate the employees to reasonable levels of performance in the tasks assigned to them, so that the general public derive the benefit of their service as intended.
Our demand of revision of Minimum Pay and Fitment formula is quite justified: From a Comparison of earlier wage hikes, we can observe that the fitment factor of 2.57 times is the lowest compared to other pay commissions. Here, we make a study of earlier pay commissions.
2nd CPC
Rs 55/-
Rs 80/-
1.45 times
3rd CPC
Rs 80/-
Rs 196/-
2.45 times
4th CPC
Rs 196/-
Rs 750/-
3.82 times
5th CPC
Rs 750/-
Rs 2550/-
3.40 times
6th CPC*
Rs 2550/-
Rs 7000/-
2.74 times
7th CPC *
Rs 7000/-
Rs 18000/-
2.57 times

Comparative picture of pay of Central Government and State Government in regards to minimum wage as on 1.7.2017:                     Many of the State Governments are following the Central Government pay scales, but a few state Governments have improved upon the Central Government pay scales. The examples are as under:
DA %
Govt. of India
Andhra  Pradesh &  Telangana

The financial position of the Central Government is very good. Even the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has shown increase in last few years which is around 7%.  The Indian economy is the fastest growing and is placed 7th in the world ( which is at 2,250.987 billions of $ ). Compared to wages paid in the world, our wages are at a lower level. The Government fiscal budget deficit is equal to 3.50 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2016. Compared to 2008,  the fiscal deficit was at 7.8 %. But today, the fiscal deficit is contained at 3.5%. This is also a healthy sign of the economic status of the Central Government financial status.  The budget fiscal deficit is always below 4%.
Direct tax collections in 2017-18 at Rs 9.95 lakh crore, exceeded the revised budgetary target of Rs 9.8 lakh crore.:                     Also, 6.84 crore income tax returns filed in the year against 5.43 crore in the previous year signalling a rise of 26 % .. A net of 99.5 lakh new assesses were added to the tax net.
Net collection from corporate tax went up 17.1 per cent while that from personal income tax rose 18.9 %.
The revenue collection from Goods and Services Tax (GST) exceeded Rs 1 lakh crore in April 2018, GST revenue collected in April 2018 came at Rs 1,03,458 crore.
With the improved economic climate, introduction of e-way bill and improved GST compliance, GST collections would continue to show a positive trend.
The wage bill of the Central Government on in its employees is less than 10% or 3.4% of the GDP, which is less compared to various countries world-wide .
Vacancy of the Central Government is about 15 %.  More than 4 lakhs vacancies are existing in the Central Government. The work load is being carried out by the existing employees. The Government being a model employer should pay for its employees and motivate them to work more for implementation of its policies.
Hence, due to the improved revenue earning of the Central Government, as assured to the staff side JCM by the Group of Ministers in respect of increase of Minimum Pay and Fitment formula, the Central Government should increase the Minimum Pay and Fitment formula.
Source :                                   (Unquote)

                 Older citizens a national asset:              ‘Bharat Pensioner’ (June 2018) of the BPS New Delhi carried a lead-article by a Professor of Sociology on the subject. It asserted that the older people have contributed quite a lot to the national economy and the society. These people are in the NGOs and on their own; but not idle. Globally, this community is around 50% of the population and is set to increase. The Government of the day has to display more attention and facilities to them to continue their initiative and interest.

                 Alongside this news item, it is sad to read this.  ‘Help Age India’ magazine (June 14) produced an Article on ‘Elder Abuse’. It bemoaned that the ‘sons are the foremost perpetrators’. The elder abuse in Karnataka is: Bengaluru 26%, Mangaluru 47%, not to mention of other cities.  Over 50% do not report, to maintain confidentiality! The study covered 23 cities and over 5000 respondents.  (Courtesy: ‘Pensioners Champion’, June 2018)

                 SC tells a State ‘Do not force Govt employees to approach Court’:    In a case involving a retiree and the State of Chhatisgarh, the Supreme Court told the State that it should not force a Govt employee to approach Court. Simultaneously, the SC delivered its judgement in favour of the retiree. The case related to reckoning of a period of service to qualify the retiree to get Gratuity. The Appellate Authority and even the High Court had given verdict in favour of the State; but the retiree fought out. (We quote this from ‘Bharat Pensioner’ of June 2018. This supports our contention, vide earlier PDs, that the Government should reconsider its Litigation policy.)

                 ‘Senior’ pensioners to file Life Certificate from home!                     The Dept of Pensions, New Delhi, has taken up a ‘Pilot project’ and sought the co-operation of the Pensioners associations, in this behalf. The Dept has asked for a list of pensioners, who are above 75 years. We are at it. In many cases, we do not have the age-details of pensioners, who are our members. In case, you are 75+ years, please furnish your particulars (name, PPO number, Drawal Bank, Age with proof, Postal address, Telephone number) direct to: Shri SP Kaklkar, Tel 011-24644874, Mobile 09818726466; or Shri Prem Kumar, Tel 011-24644874, Mobile 09810159609 – their postal address being Consultant, Dept of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare, Ministry of Pensions and Public Grievances, III floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi 110003.

                 FAQs on Pensions:           The DoP&PW has revised the List of FAQs on Pension, and has put it out on its Portal ( It runs to 34 pages, giving details on pension, family pension, Gratuity, NPS. Those with the facility of computer may have a look into it.

                 ‘Swachh Bharat Pakhwada’:       This is a country-wide programme with good Intentions. ‘Clean India’ campaign is not one that needs to be forced upon the countrymen. They keep themselves clean. They keep their homes clean, wiping out dust and waste daily. The programme is just keeping the outside environment clean. In Bengaluru, the Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Pensioners Assns selected the Vivekananda Education Society premises, and sponsored an Event on June 5. The Trust and Faculty members of the School, the local Corporator, the local MLA, besides representatives from the Assns as well as the student folk attended. Token tree-planting was done on the dias by the MLA and the Corporator. Speeches were delivered on the need to keep the city and the premises clean, and to spread the awareness to the public. Around 150 members were in attendance.

                 7th CPC to autonomous’/statutory bodies’ pensioners:      Pensioners from the Coffee Boards and a couple of other Boards got the 7CPC benefit with effect from Jan 2018.         On its part, the Coffee Board Pensioners Assn, Bengaluru, has written to the Union Minister of Commerce on June 25 stating that if the 7th CPC and the OM on 6th April 2016 are not implemented soon, the Assn would resort to  Indefinite Hungerstrike from July 16. We sympathise with them and support their cause.

                 Dearness Relief:     Reports indicate that the DR is likely to increase to 9% on basic pension w.e.f. July 1, 018 – that is, 2% hike. Mr Doubt has it that it can even be 3% !

                        Updation of Master Data by Banks:      The CPAO New Delhi has issued the following OM No.CPAO/IT &Tech/Master data/14 (Vol-III)/2018-19/52 d/  21.06.2018, to all the Banks:
Subject: Updation of Master data and submission of changed information in Format-F for E- scrolls.
Attention is invited to this Office OM No. CPAO/IT&Tech/Master data/2015-16/298 dated-25.05.2015 (copy enclosed) issued to all banks to update their master data once in a year by 31st January in the revised format of master data available at CPAO website at the link “Banks – Guidelines for Banks – Guidelines for Master data ” followed by the report on “change of status of pension” in an electronic format-F along with regular monthly paid scrolls.
In spite of above instructions, Banks are not updating their master data regularly and not giving the changed information in Format-F along with payment scrolls (latest report of Master data Reconciliation bank wise is attached). This leads to data mismatch between Banks and CPAO which leads to underpayment/overpayment of pension and other financial / non-financial errors.
In view of above and as per the decision taken by competent authority. Heads of CPPCs/ GBDs of all Authorised banks are requested to update PDF Master Data of pensioners “quarterly” instead of “annually” for review and better management of Master Data. They arc also requested to furnish the changed information in Format-F (version 2.8 also including Life Certificate date) alongwith each and every payment / receipt scrolls in future so that any subsequent change. required in master data, may be incorporated by CPAO itself.
To facilitate the banks, the guidelines for electronic transmission of accounting data under the CPPC system by authorised banks alongwith changed/ updated Format-F have been provided on CPAO’ s website
This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).

The State Scene

           The State:     We do not deal with this subject. It is enough to mention that the JDS-Congress coalition Govt in the State of Karnataka is on shaky wicket.

                 The State staff:       The Govt has announced an increase in DA by 1.75% w.e.f. January 1, 2018, to its staff. It may be recalled that they have recently got the benefit of the 6th CPC and the rise in pay/pension.

The Local (Assns) Scene

Karnataka CGPA:

    41st AGB:           The Audit Report is received from the Auditors. It will be seen by the Executive Committee shortly, and a date will be finalised for the next AGB.

Payments received:           Following payments have been received during June 2018. We thank them all.

Name (S/Shri)
Receipt No.
M Fee
       PD Subs                      Rs.             Year 
Gopalakrishna R


Gopalakrishnan E


Kulkarni KS


Puttasome Gowda YK


Raja Rao YS


Rama Rao VVK


Shivashankarachari N


Syed Mohamed M




    Office management:          Presently, Shri Venugopal has taken over the responsibility to attend to office management by visiting three or four days in a week at his convenience. He gets calls from the members to his mobile phone 9591837011. He is not very much qualified in computer operation. Treasurer Shri RSN Murthy from a far-away distance attends office and the required tasks. He has a computer at home, and manages some of the office/members’ tasks from residence. The President and the Secretary too carry out the Assn duties from residence, with the Secretary visiting office often.. We should mention here that former Treasurer Shri KS Menon was more in office than in his residence, and attended to office work, membership roll and such tasks, besides his Accounts work. He has been away, unfortunately. We thank him for his services. We now strongly desire to have an able computer operator cum office manager, who could attend the Assn duties at least three to four hours a day, for five days in a week, and who in particular should be residing around Vyalikaval. If the person is away, he should have a two-wheeler for transport. Please help us find a man – he may be or may not be a member.

     Elites:            Why not we share these feelings with you?  We select or you write your names for ‘Elitehood’ on AGB-occasions, to wish you well and continued good health. But for a small number, many do not reply to our intimations, stating they come to the AGB, or not. Please do not hesitate or delay your replies, when we send intimations.  This time, we find a good list of names (we desist from giving the number) for the Elitehood. 20 of them were nominated last year; but they did not come or reply. Another 6 or 8 members were named in the last AGBs. 6 members are from outstations. No comments in regard to them. And, so far, only one member has sent in his name. How then shall we go about this respectful exercise?


           According to the Income Tax Act, pensioners and family pensioners are required to file their Income Tax Returns, for the Assessment year 2018-19 i.e. for the taxable income for 2017-18, on or before July 31, 2018. The Exemption limit is like this:

Those who are below sixty years of age                               :           Rs 2,50,000
Those who are 60+, but below 80 years of age                   :                 3,00.000
Those who are 80+ years of age                                            :                5,00,000

                 Computation of gross income tax for different categories is as follows :      

(A)            Age less than 60 years                               :           (Not mentioned here)
(B)            Age 60 years but less than 80 years        :          
(i)Where taxable income exceeds 3 lakhs
but within 5 lakhs                                        -           5% of amount by which
                                                                                    Taxable income exceeds
                                                                                    3 lakhs.
(ii)Where taxable income exceeds 5 lakhs             
but within 10 lakhs                                 -                Rs 10,000 plus 20% of amount by which taxable
                                                                                    income exceeds 5 lakhs.
(iii)Where taxable income exceeds
10 lakhs                                                      Rs 1,10,000 plus 30% of       amount
                                                                                    by which taxable income
                                                                                    exceeds 10 lakhs.
    ©                 Age 80 years & above                                 :
 (i)Where taxable income exceeds 5 lakhs
but within 10 lakhs-                                     20 percent of amount by which taxable income
                                                                        exceeds 5 lakhs.
 (ii)Where taxable income exceeds
            5 lakhs.                                                                      Rs 1 lakh plus 30% of                    amount by which taxable income
                                                                                                Exceeds 10 lakhs.

The income tax computed by applying the above rates should be increased by 3%
thereof as Cess so as to arrive at the gross tax.

                                    (Contributed by Shri V Pattabhiraman.
                                     Extracted from ‘Pensioners Dhvani’, June 2018)

         Tax Deduction Mandate:                             Member Shri S S Kargudri informs
that Form 12BB should be submitted by July 15 to the Bank Branch to avail rebate
in TDS Deduction on Pension. TDS will be deducted from July 18, as per Income
Tax Act.                                                                     


        The Ministry of Health has prepared a List of Empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres in the country, place-wise. It runs to many pages. It is available on the websites of the Ministry and the CGHS Bengaluru.

A Quote

        Attitude is a little thing, but makes a big difference.

-        Winston Churchill.


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